RAVE-O is a unique approach to teaching children to read, particularly those who struggle.

It embodies research on the reading brain through an expanded understanding of foundational skills, fluency, and deep-reading comprehension (see details under RAVE-O).


It is based on extensive research with small groups of learners from Grades 1-3. It is often implemented in multi-tier instruction for Tier 2 and Tier 3 learners. It is especially important for children with fluency-related issues (e.g., as indexed by naming speed or RAN performance).


  • Based on neuroscience of reading and research on dyslexia and struggling readers

  • Emphasizes expanded view of foundational skills and their explicit connections to each other,  to fluency, and to deep reading comprehension

  • Uses metacognitive strategies to promote attention, memory, & executive function processes

  • Promotes learner engagement through emphases on individual, cultural, and language strengths

  • Empowers learners through group-work on a mindset towards resiliency and perseverance

  • Progress-monitoring through ongoing informal assessment (Possum Checks)

  • Develops an appreciation for the “Language  of Literature” and joy of reading

RAVE-O® is a small-group, evidence-based literacy intervention curriculum for students in grades 2–4, which empowers them to read text deeply to build new knowledge, develop new ideas, and reach new levels of reading achievement.

  • Accelerates learning

  • Prevents and closes the reading achievement gap

  • Improves student performance across key literacy domains

  • Promotes fluency, comprehension, and deep reading

  • Progress monitored through ongoing, informal assessments


More than 15 years of NICHD-funded, gold-standard, randomized control treatment studies. Findings demonstrate significant increases in multiple reading and language areas, including word attack, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

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© 2022 Nido Learning, Inc. All Rights reserved